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Serving the Tri-state area (Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin) since 2009

Contact Us Today For :

  • Annual

  • 100hr

  • Experimental Condition Inspections

  • Oil Changes

  • AD Compliance

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Alterations or STC Installations

  • 91.411 Altimeter Testing, 91.413 Transponder Testing

  • Oxygen Servicing

  • Nickel – Cadmium (Nicad) & lead Acid Battery testing

  • Nitrogen Servicing

  • Engine Installations

  • Propeller Installation

  • Pre-Buy Inspections

  • Fuel Cell Installations

  • Engine pre-heater Installations

  • Vortex Generator Installation

  • Ice Shield Pneumatic De-Ice Boots Installation approved dealer

  • 337 Field Approvals

  • Sheet Metal Repair

  • uAvionix ADS-B Qualified Installer

Blue Skies Over Dubuque professional maintenance staff has the technical skills and experience to keep your airplane in top shape, and ensure you get where you need to go safely and efficiently. Call us today!
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