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About Us

Blue Skies Over Dubuque, Inc was established in 2009 by Paul and Peggy Kaune.  In May 2019, ownership of Blue Skies Over Dubuque, Inc changed to Eric and Melanie Seier. Prior to 2009, professional maintenance services were handled at this location by David Flying Service and Crescent Aviation. 

We currently have three certified repair station inspector/mechanics on duty with a total combined maintenance history of over 125 years, maintaining civil and military aircraft. We maintain extensive inventory of aircraft parts and are able to obtain most any part overnight from our many distributors.

Our aircraft maintenance facility is certified for the repair of:

Beechcraft Single, Twin, King Air Series

Cessna Single and Twin Engine



Citation II

Guimbal Helicopters 

Call us for your aviation needs, including:

  • Annuals

  • 50hr and 100hr

  • Experimental Condition Inspections

  • Oil Changes

  • AD Compliance

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Alterations or STC Installations

  • 91.411 Altimeter Testing, 91.413 Transponder Testing

  • Oxygen Servicing

  • Nickel – Cadmium (Nicad) & lead Acid Battery testing

  • Nitrogen Servicing

  • Engine Installations

  • Propeller Installation

  • Pre-Buy Inspections

  • Fuel Cell Installations

  • Engine pre-heater Installations

  • Vortex Generator Installation

  • Ice Shield Pneumatic De-Ice Boots Installation approved dealer

  • 337 Field Approvals

  • Sheet Metal Repair

  • uAvionix ADS-B Qualified Installer

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